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Trump expected to approve release of memo

A Republican-drafted memo alleging FBI bias against US President Donald Trump will be released on Friday, a senior White House official says

Here’s the details y’all…

BREAKING: White House officials say Trump to clear way for publication of GOP-authored memo over FBI objections.

— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) February 1, 2018


Trump is expected to declassify the document and send it to Congress for release, according to US media.

The FBI has voiced “grave concerns” about the release of the memo, which may have redactions.

It reportedly says the FBI misled an intelligence court to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump election campaign.

Democrats say the memo is a ruse to discredit a federal inquiry into links between President Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

What does the memo say?

It reportedly accuses the FBI and justice department of misleading a judge in March last year while seeking to extend a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, who was a foreign policy adviser to the 2016 Trump election campaign.

The memo is said to argue that the FBI and justice department did not tell the judge that some of their justification for the warrant relied on a much-disputed Trump-Russia dossier.

Compiled by a former British intelligence agent, that dossier was financed in part through the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to dig up dirt on Mr Trump.

FBI Director Christopher Wray could quit if the highly controversial Republican memo alleging the FBI abused its surveillance tools is released, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell CNN. Of course, this is CNN #FakeNews. So It may or may not be accurate.

But then there’s this too:

Wray’s concerns over the memo’s release are “being disregarded and cast as part of the purported partisan leadership of the FBI” and he will “rais[e] hell” in response, according to one source. The FBI Agents Association publicly stood by Wray in a released statement, saying they appreciate him “standing shoulder to shoulder” with the bureau’s agents and that “the American public continues to be well-served” by the FBI. The Daily Beast additionally reported that former FBI agents are warning that Wray must be prepared to leave his post if the memo is released.

The memo will most likely be heavily redacted so who knows if we will know exactly what’s in the memo. One thing for sure it’s stirring up a shit storm.

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