Stormy Daniels Denies Affair With Donald Trump
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Stormy Daniels Denies Affair With Donald Trump

Milking It For All She Can Get; Stormy Daniels Denies Having An Affair With Donald Trump

Here’s the details y’all…

Jimmy Kimmel had Stormy Daniels on his show right after President Trump’s outstanding State of the Union address. Yep, we have his number down. He hates the President and every opportunity he gets he’s gonna take it to trash talk President Trump.

The timing wasn’t AT ALL deliberate. And if you believe that I’ve also got some ocean front property for you.

Anyway, watch the full shit show right here:

Jimmy: “It doesn’t look like your signature. You’re saying perhaps this letter was written and released without your approval?”

Stormy: “Hmm. Ha ha.”

Jimmy: “I know you either do or don’t have a non-disclosure agreement. Which if you didn’t have a non-disclosure agreement — do you have a non-disclosure agreement?”

Stormy: “Do I?”

Jimmy: “You can’t say. But if you didn’t, you certainly could say I don’t have a non-disclosure agreement.”

Stormy: “You’re so smart Jimmy.”

Jimmy: “I apologize, I have one more question Have you ever made love to someone whose name rhymes with Ronald Rump?”

Stormy: “I’ll call you whatever you want me to baby.”

And I bet she would… Call you whatever you wanted to hear.

Anyway, she’s officially denying it.

That’s not all she’s launched a “Make America Horny Again” tour. That’s right, here’s the details. She found the CASH COW and she’s gonna milk it for every penny.


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