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The #MeToo Movement Is Backfiring

Arianna Huffington’s Tweet Confirms The #MeToo Movement Is Backfiring

Just scooped here’s the details…

Apparently, Arianna Huffington is worried, because male managers aren’t too eager to mentor women anymore. Mm-hmm, this is her tweet:

Really? What the heck did they think would happen???

The link from the tweet goes to this page which reads:

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, it’s clearer than ever we need to put an end to sexual harassment. But that is not enough. There is evidence of a backlash that could be harmful to women: twice as many male managers now feel uncomfortable working alone with a woman.1 This is a step in the wrong direction. Now more than ever, we need men working with—and mentoring—women. When more women lead, workplaces are stronger and safer for everyone.

Perhaps, attitudes like this has a little something to do with it:

Arianna received a twitter full of opinions on this:

Yep, we saw this coming! Said it a million times this #MeToo sh*t is going too far and it’s going to backfire BIGLY.

We tell our husbands BE CAREFUL and don’t be talking to the women at work anymore and if you do have to talk to them do not get close to them while talking and keep it strictly on subject of work. Seriously no sh*t we’ve both given this advice to our husbands.

For real what did they think was going to happen? If you’re a man wouldn’t you think twice before mentoring a woman at your work place? Mm-hmmm, bet you sure do or would.

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