Omarosa Is Cashing In On Her Time At White House
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Omarosa Is Cashing In On Her Time At The White House

Omarosa double downs on her time with Donald Trump and time in the White House

Just scooped here’s the details…

O.M.G. Girl, you’ve got to be kidding me!? I knew something was coming, but not in a million years did I see Big Brother coming. How and I mean HOW in the heck can anyone take her serious?

Did y’all see this?

Well, just watch it:

You’ve got to be kidding us. I mean really??? 

Yep, Omarosa broke out the reality TV tears for us. Mm-Hmmm She was just fine as long as she had a spot in the White House. Give us a freaking break lady. You got fired and now you’re scorned and want to be in the spotlight. Despicable! This is the worst kind of despicable. She’s done herself no favors.

Anyway, here’s what the White House had to say about this spectacle:

White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah was asked about comments critical of the administration made by former aide to President Trump — and former contestant on The Apprentice — Omarosa Manigault Newman.

He said the White House was not taking her remarks “very seriously.” 

“Omarosa was fired three times on The Apprentice and this was the fourth time we let her go,” Shah said. “She had limited contact with the president while here. She has no contact now.” 

Enough said. She had her day… And now it’s all over but the shouting crying. 

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